In 1967

Joe Lannan began selling model boats in the basement of his Quincy home, and ever since, the Lannan Ship Model Gallery has been a family business. Now located in the Financial and Waterfront District of Boston, Massachusetts in a 6,000 square foot gallery.


Welcome to our new site. We are in the process of updating the site for your convenience. Please be patient as we continue to provide you with a look into our 6000 square foot gallery. If you have any questions, please email us. Thank you.

Nautical Antiques


The selection of Nautical Antiques in the Gallery is endless. Nearly anything that can be found on a ship is found here. Binnacles, Compasses, Telegraphs, Sextants,  Telescopes, Binoculars, Barometers etc... 




Ship Models


There are nearly 400 model boats in the Gallery.

All different style vessels can be found including Schooners, Steam Yachts, Clipper Ships, Tug Boats, Frigates, Whaleboats, Speedboats, Vintage Pond Yachts and others.  





Marine Paintings


Whether you are looking for a fine oil painting or a series of blueprints, we are likely to have it. All of the art we sell is framed. There are oil paintings, watercolors as well as original charts, blueprints, lithographs, photographs, black and white prints and others always lining the gallery walls and floors. There are many copies of affordable framed charts available as well that make great gifts.