Atlantic | 1903 Schooner | Fastest Transatlantic Crossing

Lannan Gallery


The schooner Atlantic held the record for the fastest transatlantic crossing in 1905. The record was held for almost 100 years before it was broken in 1997.  

A three masted schooner model is red below the waterline and black below. Details include lifeboats hanging for davits, portholes, steam funnel, cabins, hatches, winch, propeller, side lights, wheel, binnacle and others. Rigged with a high quality suit of stitched linen sails.  Model is mounted into a brass trimmed glass display case, mounted onto a molded mahogany base with turned brass pedestals. 

Dimensions:  35” long x 11” wide x 26” high


Model can be purchased without glass case. Details can be found here.

*Shipping weight is estimated based on approximate weight class after packing.

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