Model of the Steam Launch "Bat" by Keith Townsend

Lannan Gallery


Exceptional model of the steam launch “Bat” built by Keith N. Townsend, of Annan, in 1989 for Richard D. Kolb. Model number is noted as “023”. This is a superlative example of the work one of the finest model makers of the 20th century. Care of construction and painstaking attention to detail are evident throughout. Fine details include hull of timber, plank on frame, painted white to the waterline and red below with a dark green boot top, a varnished top strake with a gold leaf caveat, fitted with a three blade brass propeller, laid timber decks with notched king plank and wide mahogany covering boards, forward cockpit, lined with beaded paneling and fitted with slatted mahogany bench seats, central engine space, with removable laid decks for access to gas cylinder, engine and radio control gear for engine, steering and whistle. Aft cockpit lined with beaded paneling and fitted with slatted mahogany bench seats. There is a removable green surrey top on brass poles. Mounted on brass crutches on a polished green stone base, in a custom made brass and mahogany display case. The steam launch “Bat” was built by Brockbank of Windermere in 1891. It is believed the first example of a vessel being controlled by radio. Found derelict at Bowness in 1966, she was rebuilt and now can be found in the Windermere Jetty Museum, due to open in 2017.

Dimensions: 44” L x 12” W x 15.5” H Weight: 100lbs

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