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Nautical Stadiometer in Wood Case

Nautical Stadiometer in Wood Case


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Solid brass marine stadiometer with scope, mirror, varnished handle, alloy dial, engraved radius scale, etc. Made for the US Maritime Commission. Serial No. 4065. Made by Schick Incorp. Stamford, Connecticut.

This type of instrument is a range finder for measuring the distance or range of a ship or other object of known height which falls between 50 feet and 200 feet. The distance range is limited between 200 and 10,000 yards.

This stadimeter was used by deck officers in convoy in WWII to keep accurate distances between ships in convoy for safe travel and avoid collisions.

A form of theodolite for plotting bearings directly.

Weight: 6 lbs
Overall Dimensions: 6” H x 12” L x 11” D
Made: America
Material: Brass
Date: 1945

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