Rare Blueprint Of Yacht Malabar Jr.

Lannan Gallery


Outstanding original blueprint from John G. Alden, Naval Architects of Boston. Alden is where the "Malabar" yachts were born. Over ten variants of Malabar exist. This plan is for "Malabar Jr.". Many vessels were built from this design. The legend reads: "Malabar Jr., Auxiliary Cruising Sloop, Cabin and Construction Plan".  October 6, 1949, John G. Alden Naval Architects 131 State ST., Boston, MA. Plan No 762. Fabulous detail include cabins, staterooms, gallery, head, berths, windows, seating, chocks, lockers, etc.. Vibrant blue color. rare piece of yachting history.

Overall Dimensions: 34"H x 54"L


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