Ship Model of a Swedish Royal Navy Frigate

Lannan Gallery


Fine ship model of a Swedish Royal frigate circa 1760. Model by Enoch Pratt Hyde, esquire as noted on an engraved silver plaque.
The exceptional model has a carved figurehead of a lion, finely executed stern galleries, lifeboats on davits, a nest of three longboats nested amidships, bell and belfries, cargo block on stand, and etc. Other expertly executed details include capstan, stern lanterns, catheads, anchors in stocks, and etc. The rigging is intricate and detailed with an appropriate standing and running cords. Cords are properly served. Mounted into a glass display case.
Model was deaccessioned by the Maryland Historical Society.
Model Dimensions: 40" L x 12" W x 35" H
Case Dimensions: 47" L x 19" W x 37" H

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