Tripod Telescope, chrome

Lannan Gallery


IChrome barrel telescope on ebony tripod. 52" tripod height. 26 lb barrel.

Specifications:  Roof prism.  60mm objective lens x power of 30x.

For more than 50 years Brewster Nautical Optics has been working to perfect the telescope. From the accumulation of their extensive experience comes the impressive 34-inch Custom Chrome Model—a telescope held to the highest standards.  The specifications for creating this optical masterpiece are in a class of their own. Each scope has an appealing, glossy surface produced with the finest craftsmanship providing effortless focusing capabilities.   The telescope is composed of a solid brass base that is first plated in copper and then plated once more with nickel.  The scope is polished at each stage and every scope is polished by hand for no fewer than five hours before a final lustrous chrome finish is applied to the surface.  The color corrected objective lens epitomizes optical clarity and features an original reflective geometric prism system.  The 26-pound telescope rests on a magnificent 52-inch tripod composed of specially selected hardwood prepared to an ink black hue.  The tripod height can be extended additionally for optimal viewing.

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