Tripod Telescope, brass

Lannan Gallery


Brass barrel telescope on teak tripod. 52" tripod height. 26 lb barrel.

Lannan Ship Model Gallery is pleased to offer custom made telescopes of the highest quality. The Custom Brass Model exemplifies the highest craftsmanship featuring superior ocular function. The stunning 34-inch, 26-pound brass body of the telescope reveals quality artistry and is arranged on an exquisite 52-inch tripod made entirely of hardwood. The tripod can be raised for maximum handling and is available in a variety of woods to match your preference: teakwood, ebony dyed to a clear maple, mahogany and oak. The ocular components of this 30x magnifying telescope are adjusted with a smooth fingertip gear focusing knob, allowing for extraordinary visual precision over considerable expanses. Finishing off this exceptional instrument are a one-of-a-kind reflective geometric prism and a 60mm objective achromatic lens.


*Special order. Please allow 4 weeks to receive.

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