United States Naval Gun, 1866

Lannan Gallery


Original builder’s model of a 7”, rifled, muzzle loading naval gun of the design of Admiral Thomas Dahlgren. Gun with is 6 1/2 tons; show 2 1/2 tons, carriage, 2 tons. Fires a 115 pound projectile with a service charge of 14 pounds or a battering charge of 22 pounds. Range ~ 11000 yards. Wooden traversing platform “Morsilly Design” has brass slide and iron fittings and was held to ship’s side by bolt and pivot arms. retractable rollers and studs allowed the gun to be slowed laterally. Wooden case-mate sliding carriage had slide clamps diminisher retard recoil. Elevation controlled by gear on both sides moving barrel cradle. Smooth bore guns of similar design were aboard U.S. ships “Kerasarge” at the time 17 defeated the Confederate Raider “Alabama”.
Dimensions: 44” L x 23” W x 22” H; 8” diameter x 11" at widest point.
From the collection of Anthony Athanas.

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