Lannan Gallery at Market Stalls | Boston Design Center

Lannan Gallery at Market Stalls | Boston Design Center

You can buy lighting, blueprints, models, charts, paintings, nautical antiques and many other quality antiques and design options at the Boston Design Center.

Here's the deal with the Boston Design Center; our merchandise for sale is within an area called "Market Stalls" on the 2nd Floor, in the west wing, suite 203. If you call the Design Center directly, it's likely they don't know about us. You must contact Market Stalls. They are very responsive to email:  

Hours are 9-5 Mon-Fri. See their website or email Market Stalls for directions. 

Our presence there is a part of a large marketplace that includes individual antique dealers and designers. It's not our store, however it's a large space that we update with our merchandise on a regular basis where customers who are missing us in Boston can visit easily and purchase products. 

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