Shipping Information

We have the resources to ship anywhere in the World!

- We pack our merchandise with care because we WANT AND EXPECT YOUR PURCHASES TO ARRIVE IN ONE PIECE!  Most all of our air-freight merchandise is packed in house with, for example and where necessary, foam, double boxes, double-walled corrugated cardboard, professional crating, and other protective padding and materials.

*Buyer pays packing and shipping costs. Buyer agrees that an invoice absent shipping charges is not a promise or guarantee that item price is inclusive of handling and transit costs. We will forward an invoice for additional costs when necessary following cleared payment.


- Where a weight is shown under details of merchandise or at checkout SHOULD NOT be used as a guide for the weight of the actual item. This weight is indicated for shipping purposes only. It's a ballpark estimate of the items weight after packing and a range or guide as to what the particular shipping rate will be. If ACTUAL weight is a factor at the time of purchase, please make your inquiries prior to checkout.


- Most items can be shipped from Boston to all 50 States and much of North America, easily with the 3-5 transit time offered by UPS Ground. This is our preferred method of shipping. 


- for delivery of large items, bulk orders and cased ship models in many areas in the contiguous 48 States, our resources include several moving companies where an extensive packing process is not required.


- for international shipments and other large freight items too large for ground and too small for the moving vans, UPS Freight is used to transport as well as other air freight carriers. All items shipped are fully insured.