Collection: Nautical Lighting

Lannan Gallery offers a wide selection of ship's lanterns in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes for all of your decor desires whether your scheme is nautical, your home is waterfront or a seaside community or if your interior design needs are simply unique, our inventory will likely have what you are looking for. 

Looking for a unique lantern for your new kitchen? Our massive assortment of ceiling mount lights are suitable for every kitchen light. If your theme is more refined, the gallery has a variety of highly polished brass bulkhead or chrome-finish cargo pendants that can be purchased in quantity if needed, for example. Or if your design ideas pertain to a more rustic subject matter the gallery has many galvanized, painted or near one-of-a-kind styles to round out the special details of your arrangement. 

If you are in the market for an accent piece the Lannan Gallery has a huge collection of copper masthead lights, brass anchor lanterns and magnificent buoy lanterns for larger spaces. We have options in our inventory to fit every lighting need with flush mount, table display, corner space and outdoor lanterns with pairs of port and starboard, or cabin lights, for example.