How much is my item worth?


The reality TV shows that represent Antiques Appraisers or Pawn Shops or Auction companies make it seem like there is a valuable treasure in everyone's attic. These stories are few and far between. Rare objects are rare because not very many people have them. Keep an open mind when looking to determine a value for your object. If you come to us for our expertise, allow us to give it to you to the best of our honest knowledge.


A few important points:

*We do not give values over the phone.

*An "Idea of Value" is an appraisal. There is no difference.

*We require a fee for our time and services.

*We need to see your item. Sending us photographs is the best way to start.

We will gladly construct a professional appraisal of your model or nautical antique(s). If you would like an appraisal, please send us photographs of your item. We will then assess what additional photos or materials, if any, we would need to construct an appraisal for you with an estimate of what it would cost to do so.


Please allow 2 weeks before submitting a second inquiry.


Inquiries can be emailed to or by mail to 483 Washington Street, Norwell, MA 02061.