Buying & Selling


There is something in the store for everyone! The Lannan Ship Model Gallery has experience in shipping our merchandise, including 8-foot cased models, all over the world. 

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, personal checks and cash.

Our online store reflects only a small portion of our gallery. Questions about current inventory can be sent to



Before we can determine if an item is suitable for sale in the Gallery, we must see it.

We understand that maybe you’d like to tell us all about it by phone; please understand without looking at a picture, we cannot determine much by a description and therefore we ask that you include your information with your photo when you send it to us.

Please send us photographs via email or through the postal service.               
We cannot re-mail photographs once they are sent to us.                               
Please be sure to take good, clear photos and show details and conditions wherever possible.

Helpful tips: overall shots plus detailed shots work best. If there is a maker’s name, artist’s name or any damage we should know about be sure to take photos of that too.

Please provide a description of the item detailing anything you find relevant.