Joseph G. Lannan, Jr. | "Big Joe" | (1926-2011)

Everyone who ever met or knew Joe Lannan remembers him. Whether due to his imposing stature or his flashy cars, Joe Lannan commanded attention. 

An executive of Boston Edison, founder of South Shore Tire, Lannan Enterprises and a proud member of The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, Joe Lannan was active in the communities of Quincy and Milton for most of his 85 years. 

In 1967 he started the Lannan Ship Model Gallery in the basement of his family home in Quincy, Massachusetts. He sold model boats and marine antiques. The business quickly grew to be a success, thanks in part by the hard work of his two sons, Joe and Larry. See more on Lannan Gallery here

After he sold the business to his son Larry (at 20% interest!!!), Larry took over as sole owner of the Lannan Gallery and grew it to the nautical monster it is today.

We were sad to say goodbye to Big Joe in May of 2011 and are proud to continue perpetuating art and the history of the sea in his honor everyday.