Pascall Atkey (1808-1882) | Ironmonger

Joseph Atkey and wife Christian Pascall established in Pascall Atkey, ship's chandler at West Cowes in the Isle of Wight in 1799. Known for ironmongery, brass forging, compass making, Pascall Atkey is considered to the the oldest known ship and yacht fitter in the UK. The firm also manufactured ocean going cooking apparatus that could boil, bake and fry and coal burning heaters known as Pansy stoves. Atkey advertised as the "Inventors and Sole Manufacturers of the Royal Yacht Squadron Cooking Apparatus".

From Hunt's Yachting Magazine, 1859


In 1808, the Pascall Atkey marriage produced a son given the same name. Joseph Atkey passed in 1813 and his Christian kept the family business going. Pascall Atkey, the person, took over the family business after his mother's retirement in 1840.

The company passed through the family until 1960 when it was sold. Pascall Atkey is still in business today.