Brelco Electronics Corp. | New York | 1939

Marine signaling equipment manufacturer in lower Manhattan during the early 20th century, Brelco was represented by Benjamin B. Green, Abraham Sereysky, Esq., and Herman Schultz. Portable megaphone sets, portable lifeboat transmitting sets, engine order telegraphs and other electronic marine communication and signaling equipment were of significant variety in the Brelco manufacture and supply catalog. 

Appears Brelco Marine occupied offices at 55 Vandam St. until 1945 with representation in San Francisco and Seattle simultaneously. During the war, Brelco hired women for electrical wiring and machine training. 


During the mid 1950s, Brelco was the subject of a legislative effort led by Massachusetts Congressman John McCormick (1891-1980). While House Majority leader, McCormick drafted a bill requiring all American-flag ship's to install and use an "unperfected" radio call selector promoted as a safety device. The sole owner of the radio selector patent was Brelco Electronics, burdened by a stock of 110 completed selector units "yet to be disposed of". The rule passed by majority yet two years later, the bill was still dancing around waiting to become law as the House Minority continued to fight it along with the US Coast Guard, the FCC and many in the marine industry who considered the radio unreliable and the law unreasonable. Minority leaders accused McCormick of trying to make a million dollars profit for his close friend Benjamin Green of Brelco


Researched & Assembled by Susan Donnelly