PERKO c.1917

Schooled as a machinist and tool dye maker Russian immigrant Frederick Perksy came to the US in the 1890s and initiated his career with E.W. Bliss Company. Bliss produced machine tools in what is now known as the DUMBO section of Brooklyn securing defense contracts for the Spanish-American War, World Wars I & II supplying munitions and torpedoes for the US Navy. What may have been a simultaneous effort, Persky together with a partner began manufacturing lanterns under the business name F. Persky & Co. in the basement of his home. The business prospered and in 1907, Frederick's son Louis joined him in the business, expanding both the product line and manufacturing facilities. In 1912 & 1913, Perky registered with the US Patent Office a trademark for lantern lenses and subsequently became president of the National Marine Lamp Co., another important supplier of US defense with lanterns, lamps, brass, steel, tin and galvanized iron taking an active role in shipbuilding during World War I.

After leaving National Marine in 1916, the Persky's incorporated Perkins Marine becoming an important component to the development of the marine industry. The famous "Perko" trademark was instituted in 1922, a badge that is prominently fastened to most all of Perkin's products. The 1960s transferred PERKO operations to Miami, Florida, where they remain today, adding zinc, bronze and aluminum to their production and product line.

PERKO is the only domestic, marine manufacturer producing die-cast bronze parts, well known for strength, uniformity and quality.


Researched & Compiled by Susan Donnelly