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America Schooner | 1851 America's Cup Race

America Schooner | 1851 America's Cup Race


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Schooner yacht "America", the namesake of the America's Cup race. Copper sheathed hull and appropriate deck details including capstan, hatches, skylights, rope coils, rudder, lifeboat with oars. A full suit of linen sails are rigged with blocks and dead-eyes. The model is mounted on turned brass pedestals and fastened to a custom molded mahogany baseboard. A brass trimmed glass dome is set into grooves on the baseboard. Shipping is easy! 

Dimensions with case: 41” L x 13” W x 32.5” H

Shipping weight is estimated based on weight class after packing

Model may also be purchased in the following

Wood Framed Case: $3895.00*  43" L x 16" W x 34" H

Uncased: $2800.00* 35" L x 6" W x 29" H. See uncased model information here

*Price does not include custom table stand. Weight and shipping to be determined. Contact us for further information or purchase process. 

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