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Deep Water Diorama Of The Galapagos Expedition

Deep Water Diorama Of The Galapagos Expedition


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Fabulous maritime diorama with engraved nameplate "Galapagos Expedition H.M.S. Beagle and Charles Darwin At Islands c. 1831. 3/32 Scale, A. Clark". This project was built by William Hitchcock and his son Paul Hitchcock, Circa 1990. This is one of their very few deep-water dioramas. The technique makes the water seem extremely deep. Darwin's ship the HM Beagle is shown at anchor with a launch full of explorers rowing ashore. The shoreline is accurately represented with rock upcropping and a sandy beach. This model is high quality with a planked deck, cannon, standing and running rigging. This is a holy grail piece by The Hitchcock Team who signed their collaborative work A. Clark. Fitted to a glass display case with glass cover.

Overall Dimensions: 17"H X 26" X 16"W
Made: American
Material: Wood
Date: Circa 1995

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