Benjamin W. Latham | Cape Ann Fishing Schooner | 1902

Lannan Gallery


Cape Ann mackerel fishing schooner "Benjamin W. Latham" built by Tarr and James in Essex Massachusetts for Captain Henry Langworthy of Noank, Connecticut and launched in 1902. In 1906, Latham was re-registerd in New York and operated out of the Fulton Fish Market and possibly converted to dory trawling. She as lost off of San Juan Puerto Rico in 1943. The spoonbow is painted mahogany below the waterline and black above. The deck is outfitted with lifeboats, capstan, winches, ropes coils, cabins, hatches, skylights, wheel and others. Rigged with stitched linen sails.

67" long  x 10"  wide  x 57" high

This model cannot be cased.

Shipping weight is estimated based on approximate weight class after packing. 

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