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New Bedford Whale Ship Model Of "Cortez"

New Bedford Whale Ship Model Of "Cortez"


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New Bedford whale ship model "Cortez". Full wood model, fully rigged. Made by Captain Hall. Provenance: Original owner purchased ship model from the New York Museum of Science and Industry in New York in 1951. The New York Museum of Science and Industry purchased the ship model directly from Captain Hall in 1931. This is a model of the highest quality. Absolutely fabulous model that displays workmanship of the highest order. Finely crafted whaleboats hang from davits. Tryworks, hatches, bitts, anchors, pump. The tryworks are wonderfully built. The grinding wheel and vise used to sharpen the harpoons and lances are present. Four whaleboats hang from davits, each with mast harpoons, lances, line tubs, etc.. Two more whaleboats are lashed to the roof. The rigging is spectacular with complete standing and running cords. The sturdy rigging and pulley to lower the cargo into the hold is well executed. Many oil cask s are on deck, hull is copper sheathed below the waterline. Mounted to its original schmaltz baseboard.

Overall Dimensions: 25"H X 32"W X 8"D
Made: American
Material: Wood
Date: Circa 1931

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