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Purdy Boat Company Speedboat Blueprint

Purdy Boat Company Speedboat Blueprint


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Hull blueprint showing lines and offsets for hull no. 166 at the Purdy Boat Company. Legend reads “Hull no. 166, lines and offsets, scale one inch equals one foot, length 27 feet, 4 ¼ inches, sheet no. 1567, and dated February 12, 1930.
The Purdy historian shows this as a design for Frederick W. Ayer II. The hull shows beautiful curves. Quite interesting and showing the crown of plank sheer, planking, dead rise, coaming, etc. Rare speedboat blueprint. Please see that we have a second Purdy plan on offer.

Weight: 8 LBS
Overall Dimensions: 21” H x 37” L
Made: America
Material: Paper
Date: 1930


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