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Rare Set Of Four Ships Lanterns

Rare Set Of Four Ships Lanterns


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Group of four ships lanterns that have been together as a set from the day they were made. With brass badges from Smith and Barnes Limited, Glasshouse Bridge Works, New Castle on Tyne. There are port, starboard, anchor and masthead lanterns. Engraved brass serial number badges include 3267, 3268, 3269 and 3631. The lenses are clean and in great shape. This is a museum quality group of early twentieth century marine lanterns.
Four Piece Lanterns:
1. Anchor
2. Masthead
3. Port
4. Starboard


1 - 20 lbs.
2 - 16 lbs.
3 - 19 lbs.
4 - 18 lbs.

Overall Dimensions:

1 - 22""H X (without handle) X 12""Diameter
2 - 23""H (without handle) X 11""l X 13""Deep
3- 23""H (without handle) X 14""L X 13""Deep
4 - 23""H (without handle) X 14""L X 13""Deep

Made: England
Material: Steel
Date: Circa 1920

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