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Sovereign of the Seas | McKay Clipper Ship | 1852

Sovereign of the Seas | McKay Clipper Ship | 1852


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In 1854, Sovereign of the Seas recorded the fastest speed ever for a sailing ship, logging 22 knots. Built by famous ship builder Donald McKay (Flying Cloud, Stag Hound, Great Republic, Lighting), possibly the most famous ship builder, the 

East Boston built Sovereign of the Seas was the first ship to travel 400 miles in 24 hours.

This model hull is painted black above the waterline and copper sheathed below. Rigged with standing and running cords. Deck details include kegs, cabins, hatches, anchor, chain, winch, capstan, rope coils, lifeboats, wheel, bell, and many others. Model is mounted into a custom mahogany and glass display case with table stand.

Case Dimensions: 44" x 18" x 63" with table.


Model can be purchased in a brass trimmed case or by itself. See details here.

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