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Spectacular Model of the Packet Ship Issac Webb

Spectacular Model of the Packet Ship Issac Webb


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Optimum quality model of the packet ship Issac Webb. Formerly on display at the Chicago Museum of Art and Industry, this model was built by noted builder Frederick Craven who built four models for the Navy Department in Washington, the Smithsonian, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and others. The highly detailed model has a real feel of the sea. Deck details include a brass binnacle, built up wood cabins, with doors and windows, capstan, lifeboats, pump, anchors, bitts, wheel, etc. Fabulously rigged with full standing and running rigging. The ratlines are perfectly clove hitched. Cords are properly seized.
Rigged with a full suit of well stitched sails. They are the best I have ever seen. The copper sheathed hull has thousands of properly scaled sheets. This model has a true feel of the sea. The builder is one of the best who ever lived and it shows on this project from the 1920’s. Study the images, this is a treat.

Weight: 65 LBS
Overall Dimensions: 65” x 28” W x 53” T
Made: America
Material: Wood
Date: 1925

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