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Lannan Ship Model Gallery

Twenty Models By Master Modeler Erik Ronnberg, Sr.

Twenty Models By Master Modeler Erik Ronnberg, Sr.


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Three display cases of twenty 1/8 scale ancient naval models. Represents ships from the Evolution of Ancient Naval Architecture 750 BC - 1700 AD collection, 1/8th scale, E.A.R. Ronnberg, Sr. With gallery tag from the American Marine Model Gallery, Salem, Mass. Includes boats made between 7500 BC - 1500 BC. Twenty examples of Navel boats and ships through history including dugout canoe, Egyptian Reed Ship, Nile River Boat, Phoenician Biereme, Greek Merchant Ship, Roman Trireme, Viking Ship, Flemish Garrack, Norman Ship, English Ship, Malta Galley, etc.. All set into cases. Circa 1980.

Weight: 21 lbs. each
Overall Dimensions: 12"H X 26"L X 21"W each
Made: American
Material: Wood
Date: Circa 1980

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