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USS Doherty DE-14 Painting by Worden Wood

USS Doherty DE-14 Painting by Worden Wood


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Ships portrait of the USS Doherty DE-14, and Evarts Class Destroyer escort US Navy warship from World War II. Used to protect convoys from Japanese submarines. The painting is highly detailed with the vessel in perfect scale. 1880-1943 Worden Wood was an American illustrator and marine painter. He was born in Brooklyn NY in 1880. Wood joined the navy in 1898 for the Spanish American war serving on the Yankee clipper. Back in civilian life he became an illustrator and art director. He produced many works for yachting magazines. In 1917 he helped the navy where he contributed to the development of camouflage for American merchant ships. Matted and framed. Frame has mounting holes.

Weight: 7 lbs.
Overall Dimensions: 23"H x 28"W
Made: America
Material: Canvas
Date: 1942


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