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W. Starling Burgess Yankee One Design Class Blueprint

W. Starling Burgess Yankee One Design Class Blueprint


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Yacht blueprint by W. Starling Burgess of the famous Yankee one design class sloop. Legend reads Yankee one design class, June 16, 1937, drawing number one, scale one inch equals one foot. This is an extremely rare set of blueprints from the table of Starling Burgess who lived from 1878 to 1949. This design came shortly after his collaboration with Olin Stephens on the design of Yankee, the 1930 Americas Cup Defender.

The original eight yachts were built for Philip Benson, Waldo H. Brown, Homer Clark, J Amory Jeffries, R Loring Swasey, Richard V Wakeman, Charles A Welch and Walter C Wood, all members of the Beverly Yacht Club. Eight were also built for the Nantucket Yacht Club. It was for many years a secret that Burgess was responsible for this design, hence these plans lack a signature. The only other known set is at Mystic Seaport, these are rare indeed.
Sheet one shows the hull lines

Weight: 9 LBS
Overall Dimensions: 24” H x 42” L
Made: America
Material: Paper
Date: 1937

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