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Yacht Blueprint by Harold Field Kellogg

Yacht Blueprint by Harold Field Kellogg


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Original Yacht blueprint from the drawing board of Harold Field Kellog. Kellog was an accomplished architect. The legend reads:

Harold Fieled Kellogg Architect, 976 Stuart street Boston Mass. Building no: Boat, Preliminary drawing no, "B", Drawn by HFK, Date March 5, 1932.

It is interesting to note that Kellogg is most famous for his design of buildings, the legend plate reads "Building" instead of "Hull".

The profile plan shows cabin, mast, launch, mast with ships lights, life ring, bitts, porthole, fore cockpit, etc. Plan is drawn to a scale of one half inch to the foot.

Weight: 5 lbs
Overall Dimensions: 15"H x 25"W
Made: American
Material: Paper
Date: 1932

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