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Yacht Blueprint of an Auxiliary Schooner Yacht

Yacht Blueprint of an Auxiliary Schooner Yacht


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Boat blueprint from 1923 showing a profile view of a sixty two foot schooner yacht drawn by C.G. Magregor of John Alden. Identified on the legend as No 138-B, Sail Plan, Scale 3/8 inch to 1 foot. Dated April 4, 1923. John Alden, Naval Architects, 148 State Street, Boston Mass.

This plan shows the rigging in every detail. The deck profile shows cabins, portholes, winch, bollards, skylights, companionways, etc.. Nicely framed.

Weight: 11 lbs.
Overall Dimensions: 30"H x 36"W x 2"D
Made: American
Material: Paper
Date: 1930

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